Are You Getting in the Way of Older-Youth Engagement?

Are You Getting in the Way of Older-Youth Engagement?

screen-shot-2016-10-01-at-11-49-20-amAccording to Indiana Connect by 25, Child Advocates may be limiting the growth of the children they service by they assumptions, stance and expectations of older youth.  Key take-aways include:

Different Stances in Dealing with Youth

Youth as object

Adults have almost total control of programs are TO youth

Youth as Recipients

“I know what is best “ Adults determine the guidelines and give them to youth

Youth-Adult Partnership

Youth and Adults share decision making power equally.  Decisions are considered WITH youth

Never lower expectations due to past mistakes.  Leave judgments at the door.  Your personal/professional experience should not determine or influence youth’s directions.

According to youth on the panel, “Do not limit your youth to your current expectations of them.” Don’t assign stereotypes to youth!  Everyone’s journey is different.  Break tasks down into manageable tasks so they can move toward larger goals.