Champions for Children Board Information

Being a court advocate is not for everybody. People like you can make all the difference for CASA in other ways. The Champions for Children Board is a separate but direct extension of the Delaware County CASA Program. Our main goal is to support the CASA Program through a variety of awareness, outreach and fundraising projects. Bring your talents to the Champions for Children Board to support the mission of CASA to increase our funding and awareness and recruit volunteers.  Whether your talents were developed by experience or you have formal training, we need your help.

  1. plan and execute community fund-raising events,
  2. use your network and social media to increase the community knowledge of CASA and its need for volunteers,
  3. raise money for CASA through business partnerships, individual donations or bequests.

Should you be interested in learning more about our Board, you can reach out to our Board Chair, Matt Housley at to schedule a zoom or in-person meeting. If you know that this is something that would be best fit for you, you can apply here. It is important to note that there are limited spots available on The Board so not all applicants may end up being chosen to serve at this time. If you are not chosen to serve at this time, we will be sure to consider you for future opportunities as well. We review applications during our monthly board meeting on the third Thursday of each month (excluding December) and will respond to your applications afterwards.

Should you not want to serve on The Board, but would still like to assist in our initiatives, you can email our Board Chair directly. We will then add you to a list of project volunteers and reach out for your assistance and support on initiatives happening throughout the year.

Thank you for your consideration in serving on The Board and for your commitment to better our community.