Dear Fellow Delaware County Resident,

In our county, the number of children who have suffered abuse or neglect has skyrocketed.  95% or more of the child abuse and neglect cases are related to drug and opioid addiction.  It is vital that as a community we all do our part to protect kids that are involved in the juvenile court system because they were victimized by the very people that are supposed to love them, care for them, and keep them safe.

Training to become a Volunteer takes place three times a year in the spring, summer and fall. The training program consists of 15 hours of in-person training, 12 hours of online training and 3 hours of onsite training. Download a copy of our training schedule and complete an application today.

These are our children and it is up to each of us to become involved in protecting them and ensuring abused and neglected children have a bright future.   CASA walks beside the children as they enter the uncertainty of the court system.  With many of the recent tragic cases of child abuse in our community, people often ask the question “Why doesn’t someone do something?” We can proudly tell you that there are people doing something – and they are CASA volunteers.

For an abused or neglected child, a CASA volunteer is someone who listens and sticks with them. Someone who is on the side of  the child, reaching out to teachers, social workers, relatives, caregivers, and anyone else who can meet the child’s needs. A CASA volunteer’s sole mission is to help clear a path for the child out of the complex, overburdened child welfare system and into a safe, permanent home as quickly as possible.

In 2017, 88 CASA volunteers in Delaware County stood up for 329 children and spent nearly 5,000 hours working on their cases. More community members than ever are taking direct action against child abuse and neglect by becoming a CASA volunteer. With the increase in volunteers comes the need to ask for additional support from the community.

With your support, the Delaware County CASA Program can ensure our volunteers have the training, support, and recognition they deserve as they serve on the front lines fighting for children entangled in the child welfare system. Your tax deductible gift to the Delaware County CASA Advisory Board (a 501 C3 non-profit organization) will help to make sure our children have the advocates they deserve. Your donation supports the advertising we need to recruit volunteers or to train and support them as they work with the children for whom they advocate.

By supporting the CASA volunteers, you are taking a stand against child abuse and neglect in our community.  If you have any questions or would like more information on what it takes to be a CASA volunteer, please visit our website or contact our office anytime.

Thank you for supporting our CASA volunteer heroes!!


Delaware County CASA
Staff and Volunteers