Safe Sleep for Babies

Safe Sleep for Babies

The ABC’S of Safe Sleep:

Alone – Sleep Alone:

  • Put babies to sleep alone with no other adult or child sharing the sleep surface

Back – On their Backs with no blankets or bedding

  • Babies should sleep on their backs in a crib or on another firm surface. The surface should be clear of all objects except for a mattress, tight-fitting bottom sheet, and the baby. If the baby leaves an impression on the mattress, the surface is too soft.

Crib – In a Crib and cool (70 degrees)

  • Dress your baby lightly and keep the room cool.

Smoke-free – In a Smoke free environment

  • Keep babies away from second hand smoke. It’s bad for everyone and especially babies. Never smoke in a house with a baby and ask anyone who cares for your baby not to smoke around them.

(Thank you to the Texas Department of Family Services)