Arnie’s CASA*

Arnie’s CASA*

Arnie knows about CASA and the difference one advocate can make. When Arnie was born, the doctor and nurses told DCS that Arnie was full of heroin. DCS took Arnie to live with nice strangers, Mom and Dad Morris. Mom and Dad Morris had three other children. They gave Arnie a lot of love and attention and he fell in love with them. Sometimes they would take him to see birth mom. Arnie liked her. But then she stopped coming because she had an “overdose” and died.


When Arnie was two years old, Mom and Dad Morris got a divorce. Mom took the other children with her but said Arnie had too many issues. Mom Morris gave Arnie back to DCS. Arnie missed Mom Morris and didn’t feel like eating. DCS said he had failure to thrive because of a broken heart. The Judge said he needed a CASA.


DCS put Arnie in the hospital and he got a feeding tube. DCS and CASA worked hard to find a Mom and Dad that knew about feeding tubes and broken hearts. DCS took him to the Anderson foster family. Mom and Dad were very good at putting stuff in the feeding tube, singing songs and Arnie’s broken heart started to heal.

CASA visited him a lot, played with him and told Mom and Dad they were going a good job. Mom and Dad said, “thank you” but they were very tired. CASA talked to DCS and the Judge and they got Mom and Dad Anderson a support specialist. She came two times a week so Mom and Dad Anderson could have dates or take naps.


Now Arnie is three. He does not have a feeding tube anymore. He still has a CASA. His CASA talked to DCS and the Judge about Arnie needing to go to preschool and speech school. Arnie loves going to school.  Mom and Dad Anderson are excited. They told CASA a secret. They are going to adopt Arnie so he can stay forever.



* All Our Kids, Our Cases represent actual cases in Delaware County.  Details are changed to protect the privacy of the children and their families.